Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Some photos I took in MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Barcelona on holiday in summer 2010. There is such a diverse mix and there is so much to see as well!! The museum is full of little hidden spaces but it's worth retracing your steps to make sure you see them all. The space outside is also popular among skaters.

I was so interested in the objects in the cabinet pictured above! They make me think of fine art students with little leather pouches full of little tubes of paint finding the perfect location along a river somewhere.
It's hard to tell from a small section but the list on the wall was like a giant, verbal map of what was on each floor. One of the things highlighted was how film-makers edited films before the invention of computers and software, which is something I had never considered before. One exhibition room showed the process of cutting up thin film reels and putting the frames back together in the desired order.

Look out for photos of the DHUB Barcelona design museum coming soon - I have a few on my camera but my boyfriend has the rest!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A rant about soup.

I was mildly appalled when I went into a pub in town on a cold day and asked for vegetable soup and got served with this. I couldn't wait for a thick, chunky soup to warm me up... and I got given stock water with overboiled cabbage in.

I'm not one to complain but when you look at what vegetable soup SHOULD be like... well
Mmm! :)

Oh, and...

Did I fail to mention..? The Blondie logo!!

Good Times.

Oh Mini, how I miss you every day...