Thursday, 3 November 2011

Waterloo Sunset, Colchester Sunrise

I took these photos of the morning sun breaking through the clouds over Colchester town.
Jumbo is visible on the town's skyline and is directly in the middle of the cascading sun rays. I need to clean my lens!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Mum's old typewriter

When I spoke to my mum about a project I was doing about punctuation, I mentioned the issue of focusing on the en dash since it has only really been available to print since the computer. This prompted her to bring down her old typewriter, which was really fun to use. Once you get used to hitting the keys quite hard, you can type as fast as you would on a computer keyboard. However, I found I sometimes missed the keys and as I have small fingers, they got stuck between the keys!! I have an illustration I made of it somewhere. I will upload it when I have photographed my recent work.

London Design Festival - Graphic Design Walk 23/9/2011

Book covers for Penguin Books by Coralie Bickford-Smith. Each cloth bound book in the Jane Austen classic collection uses 2 colours in its design. I noticed we had the book 'Emma' at work the other day with the cloth bound Bickford-Smith design.

I am also rather taken by the t-shirts designed by Bickford-Smith for the Penguin helpers at the Art Car Boot Sale...
At the 10 Collective stand at the bast camp I stood and watched the video above being projected onto the wall. After a few seconds, I recognised James and Elliot of Birch studios chatting to 2 members of 10 Collective. In the video, they talk about setting up your own design studio. 

Watch the video here (sorry guys)
YCN... fully prepared and loaded with brochures.
I bought the book 'Hand Job' from a book shop on Rivington Street and this is the bag they gave me. It's a keeper.