Thursday, 28 October 2010


I'm slowly getting the hang of Dymo - it's very hit and miss when I use it. One time it'll be wonky and all over the place and it won't do the spacing properly by itself, meaning I have to judge how much distance to put between each letter... when I cannot see what I'm doing!! (Google image it to get a better idea - I am using a tiny manual one).

A few times I have been very proud of it, but I came to the decision today that I'm proud of it every time I do it, whether it's technically wrong or right. The example here is legible, if a little wonky and out of line. But that's a good thing. It has character. And considering I paid 50p for it at the charity shop I volunteer for, it's all you need to learn how to do it. A lot of the Dymo I have looked up is done with machines that look like little calculators. I'm just glad you can still buy the coloured reels to press it on.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


I have started researching into different poster designs for Uni and I came across a bloke called Johnny Bakaert. His designs use distorted yet tasteful illustrations and his colours and layouts are fun and exciting

I also found Bruno Porto very inspiring; he uses collage within his work which is something I want to get back into. There is so much fun to be had cutting up images by hand and working into them before arranging them on the page. His website does not look much like a designer's website but the quality (and quantity) of his posters are great. His work ranges from gritty black and white illustrations to clean, slick images with splashes of colour and plenty of character. Porto clearly communicates his messages with appropriate typography.