Thursday, 28 October 2010


I'm slowly getting the hang of Dymo - it's very hit and miss when I use it. One time it'll be wonky and all over the place and it won't do the spacing properly by itself, meaning I have to judge how much distance to put between each letter... when I cannot see what I'm doing!! (Google image it to get a better idea - I am using a tiny manual one).

A few times I have been very proud of it, but I came to the decision today that I'm proud of it every time I do it, whether it's technically wrong or right. The example here is legible, if a little wonky and out of line. But that's a good thing. It has character. And considering I paid 50p for it at the charity shop I volunteer for, it's all you need to learn how to do it. A lot of the Dymo I have looked up is done with machines that look like little calculators. I'm just glad you can still buy the coloured reels to press it on.

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