Thursday, 28 April 2011

Are you looking sideways?

Looking through an old issue of Huck magazine, I found a page introducing an 'ongoing project'  by Vans & Huck called 'We are looking sideways' exploring fringes of snow, surf and skate scenes as well as art, music and creative culture that surrounds us. Submissions of art work were due before the 'Looking Sideways' festival in France in March, but the artwork etc can be viewed online and there may well be more to come.

Here was the brief...

And here is the website...

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Electronic Popables

I thought it was more showing off what can be done in terms of using lights and various sensors, but this video also shows the possibilities of moving pop-up books which is useful to conceal all that goes on within the book (watch and you'll see). I thought as I watched it how it is a shame the beauty of the construction of the book gets ignored, but I suppose that happens with most pop-up books during childhood. Now I'm interested in it and curious about it I can really appreciate it. The end of the video shows the book a bit more, but it would be nice to see the pages being turned to see how the folds work.

Wood cut

I used some old wood I found in the college's wood workshop before the holidays. Last week I started to carved into it using a flat lino tool after sketching the reverse of my design onto it. The picture of the man comes from a Norman Rockwell painting.
Printed in blue. It's quite patchy and the wood may need sanding down but I think it came out alright with the exception of a few patches.
I like the blue on black! It's clearer and would make a nice cover for a book if I decide to make one. I printed it at home using oil paints. I can print onto paper with this using the pressure of my hands. It might not look as strong as inks, but it depends how much you use and I find it useful because I can still print things at home.


I put together a 12 page zine with some monoprints I didn't know what to do with. They didn't feel very relevant as I was just messing about with the technique but I thought it would be a shame to waste them.
I drew the buffalo from a North Dakota quarter
Drawings from research
David Gentleman's eagle
And that's all I can be arsed to put up.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hand Job

A relevant book with an amusing title. Look it up on Amazon, it's pretty cool

Mikey Burton book covers

The book Graphics shows the sketches behind these book cover designs. I love the paper cut out for The Outsiders. Somehow it is a more exciting cut out than usual just because it is on cheap, torn out lined paper. The Great Gatsby is another one worth checking out, too.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hooters Menu & Arches

This looks like it's been done with lino. I'm more interested in lino lately as I always thought of it as being a quick technique that produced sketchy results but some people do some gorgeous detailed pieces. Of course, scruffier lines can still be used for shading.
Again, the lizard looks like a lino cut
The Hooters menu!! I'm not sure my brother should have taken this, but what the hell.
I did rotate this... but you'll have to turn your head sideways
Dangerous curves! I noticed this menu has the calories in each dish - possibly worth noting for people looking at food.

LWL pages

Just realised I haven't yet put up pictures from last month's LWL. If you look back I have a video posted that shows this illustration being completed by Paul Willoughby.
This is a promotional page, but the illustration is still soo beautiful!!
Type made from lots of tiny little pencil drawings
An article about the relevance and importance of birds in art with some lovely examples, such as this one by Kate Gibb
Not really the style I go for, but I repsect it from a graphic student's point of view all the same!

Even though film posters are SO last term...

These are on a blog I follow and I thought they were rather cool. They use simple colours and a fairly standard but agreeable layout. They are by Jason Chalker

Friday, 8 April 2011

Castle ~ Felt

Fun and colourful type and shapes made out of everybody's favourite... felt!!

Victoria Macey lino

I assume this is a lino. It looks as if it has been painted white before being rolled with blue ink. Both photographs have a sky-themed white and blue feel. I find it fascinating to look at the more intricate things people have done with lino!! I need to play around with it more.

Bodoni Bedlam

Bodoni Bedlam from Victoria Macey on Vimeo.

Researching pop-up books I came across Victoria Macey. She made this fantastic story book using the Bodoni typeface for visuals.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Vans, a dress, a packet of playing cards and a book
Unfortunately the dress doesn't fit :( But I liked the book
It was going to be recycled but I liked the patterns inside. They look like woodcut illustrations
Detail of a page
Some cool 'shot' glasses
What Grandma sent me home with... yummy!!
And the mini so far.

Carrier Bag

I went shopping on Thursday after doing some work because it was suuuch a gorgeous day. I thought this carrier bag is really cool because it looks like it's been drawn and coloured in with felt tips.
Recycle logo made out of skate boards with a slogan to reflect the attitude but still get the point across
I thought this was quite peculiar! The bag is made out of corn. Click to enlarge the photo and read what it says.

Children's Illustrations

I found this illustrator who does children's illustrations. I like this little owl! The shapes are bold yet the outline appears to be a paper cutout. The colours are well mixed and matched up and the colouring in is sketchy and smudgy.

Here is the link to see more...