Wednesday, 2 November 2011

London Design Festival - Graphic Design Walk 23/9/2011

Book covers for Penguin Books by Coralie Bickford-Smith. Each cloth bound book in the Jane Austen classic collection uses 2 colours in its design. I noticed we had the book 'Emma' at work the other day with the cloth bound Bickford-Smith design.

I am also rather taken by the t-shirts designed by Bickford-Smith for the Penguin helpers at the Art Car Boot Sale...
At the 10 Collective stand at the bast camp I stood and watched the video above being projected onto the wall. After a few seconds, I recognised James and Elliot of Birch studios chatting to 2 members of 10 Collective. In the video, they talk about setting up your own design studio. 

Watch the video here (sorry guys)
YCN... fully prepared and loaded with brochures.
I bought the book 'Hand Job' from a book shop on Rivington Street and this is the bag they gave me. It's a keeper.

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