Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Summer doodles & Wimbledon

Some quick sketches of my shoes, a slipper and my hairdryer with watercolour. I want to get used to using watercolours more!
One of mum's shandy bottles and a good old Primark bag! One is so smooth and defined while the other is flimsy and crumpled.
The handle bars of my exercise bike, a reel of cotton because it is next to my bed? And my bag with my soft toy doggy in front which, yes, I do sleep with.

Inspired by Beyonce on Glastonbury but I didn't get a clear enough shot of her to draw her there and then. She makes me so proud to be a woman. It comes with so much power.
I watched the Nadal match today (no particular reason...) and I found that like most things in life, there were moments that I found really striking. I decided to find some images of the tennis players in motion to draw, but instead I found that their facial expressions were quite amusing.
It was quite sad to see Federer being knocked out!! This isn't quite like the image I found and I think he is a bit younger here, too.

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