Saturday, 9 July 2011

Reading & Oxford

Visiting my friend in Reading in July. It was fun making my way there on the train by myself as I hadn't travelled by myself on the train before. This photograph shows my home from home; my suitcase, handbag, clothes, make-up and hair products were naturally placed in my friend's house mate's bedroom. It was a moment where I saw an accidental but beautiful set-up ready to be snapped.
Ducks in Oxford. I like to think of them as being posh ducks.
Christ Church, where Harry Potter was filmed. Unfortunately it was closed to the public when we went to go inside but I will be sure to return one day and visit.
A cute little cafe in Oxford with writing on the walls. This is the menu of food they serve with funny little sayings underneath, such as 'Tapas - what they eat on the moon'. We were thirsty and came across this little cafe in a side passage and I'm glad we found it because it was so unique.
Photographs from inside Puccino's, Oxford.
Bill's is a really lovely cafe/restaurant in Reading overlooking a grassy area in front of a church. They also house a shop selling their own food and drink. Where we sat there were lots of sheets of colourful tissue paper hanging from the ceiling. The building itself is so gorgeous. It has a huge staircase and it has an old but well-preserved feel to it.
And I fell in love with their tiny little salt and pepper pots!

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