Wednesday, 5 October 2011


In July, I went on holiday to Madeira. We had a hotel with a gorgeous sea view in the heart of Funchal. Although there are not many graphic-related places I know of in Madeira, I managed to spot a few sights I found interesting.
This building caught my eye because it reminds me of some of the 3D paper engineering in Sophia Vyzoviti's Superstructures. The staircases and balconies look like paper that has been wrapped around a pencil or made into napkin holders or rings for paper chains.
This shop sign reminded me of the raw graphic styles we looked at in the first year such a pixao. It is bold and constructed of minimal lines with only 3 colours. It is interesting to see the shadows of the type being cast upwards as this is something that isn't that common.
The reflection of the parasol (below) in my sunglasses looks like quirky little eyes, almost like those of owls. It reminds me of a Tim Burton film and the sweets with strawberry and cream flavours swirled into each other. The red and white stripes make a pleasant patchwork with the green gingham print of my sunglasses.
On closer inspection, the parasol has yellow in between the stripes. This looks like such a typical umbrella one might find on the beach, possibly in Britain. My postcard photo of the holiday perhaps?!
I love the angle of the chair in this shot. Although they're not the most comfortable chairs and the metal scrapes on the ground a lot, the decorative white metal looks more creamy next to the rich burgundy cushions and tablecloths. The tiled pavement is welcome as it looks just like the pavements abroad.
Walking through the old town I found the artistic quarter; I think there was an art college/university nearby. We walked down a road that had painted doors. Each door was different and some of them were beautifully and imaginatively adorned.
This was the most elaborate front door. They had actually come outside of their door and adorned the doorway with giant lace curtains!
One of the more 'graphic' door designs, even if this style is quite a typical one. I really enjoyed finding somewhere with personal home comforts in a foreign place.

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