Monday, 7 February 2011

Illustration 2011

I found this illustration calendar at work along with a box of Penguin book cover postcards. Every day there is a different artist and a featured illustration. A lot of the illustrations from January were quite computery (now a word, apparently, although spell check doesn't like it) but February has brought with it lots of hand-drawn inspiration.

I realised after a few weeks that I was waiting for something that would really grab me and make me want to move in a certain direction. I then asked myself, why don't I just make that special something myself?

Wednesday 2nd February was a good day. Christina Drejenstam was the illustrator of that day's calendar entry. She uses splashes of inks that often blot the ink of the pen. Aside from her still life personal pieces, a lot of her work is fashion orientated.

I love the freedom and the colours as well the half-drawn faces. It's tricky to get the eyes the same size, shape etc but this unfinished look offers us to create the rest in our minds.

Accidents like can be amazing. Apart from when it's a nose bleed rather than ink.

I also came across Mia Overgaard on the website that Drejenstam is featured on. Both styles are very similar but Overgaard also has more intricate, full page pieces.
The occasional use of colour focuses on the main aspects as well as the beauty and simplicity of the illustrations.
Maybe it's because I'm a girl, or because I've always liked colours and have recently started wearing more mascara, but these are so exciting and are definitely what I like to see myself doing.

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