Thursday, 3 February 2011

Pencil pal

I've been thinking more and more lately about how beautiful illustration is. It doesn't matter if it looks exactly like what it is 'meant' to be - not that this is an excuse to produce something bad. Often just the energy put into it shows in the finished drawing.
A pair of shoes I recently bought. They don't 'match' in this drawing but I'm excited about improving.
A rough sketch for my photography sketchbook. I've always liked drawing people and getting the expressions on their faces.
One Wednesday lecture we kicked off with teapots, so I drew one. I'd never usually think of drawing such a random object but it's made me see that I can draw whatever I want in order to practise.
Again, a portrait. I need to work on proportions. I've always liked filling in the rough, sketchy details such as hair and shading. It feels somehow rewarding after spending time looking at details.
A drawing of John (Peter Gallagher) from 'sex, lies and videotape'. In between using Photoshop and taking pictures, I missed drawing so I decided to do one for the sake of the sketchbook and to make me feel a bit better! I kept the colours soft which makes the dark hair show up a bit too much.
Jarvis Cocker. It's not exact - it doesn't quite have his expression or his attitude, but it's modest. It's getting there.

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