Thursday, 26 May 2011

Coming to... an end of the American project

Sketchbook page playing with type, celebrating American illustration
Playing with the idea of plastic as advertised by many illustrations.
First of a few self portraits. I wanted to have a person on the magazine cover for my final piece and I was the most readily available subject and I knew what I wanted.
People are always portrayed as being happy in more classic American illustrations, whether this is due to the painting being within an advertisement or just whether it aims to show people living a happy American way of life
Lino cut for the title of the magazine. I wanted it hand rendered and I have wanted to try cutting type into lino since finding other examples in my research
Left: the painting to be used for the cover. I decided the use of a face is too common in Western society and it was very confrontatational. I didn't want to place emphasis away from the topic either.
Right: I realised after photocopying the painting that it looked better in a flat, printed format which eradicated my thoughts of hand making/printing/painting the cover. I scanned my painting and lino into Photoshop and created the layout for the magazine. I came across the issue of not having a barcode, but I didn't want it to look too much like something just there to be bought. If magazine covers are exhibited and shown, the barcode would not be shown.

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