Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Chester's essay presentation today made me think a little more about the video I posted yesterday. The video was 2 men putting old letterpress into a computer typeface format. The fonts they uploaded are ones that only exist now in wooden letterpress.

New Digital Fonts from Rare Letterpress Wood Type Kickstarter Video from Bearded Studio on Vimeo.

I enjoyed the video and the idea and the way they freely spoke about it although I felt a bit disheartened when they got to the vector stage and editing out the 'undesireable' parts of the letters. I don't think they got rid of all the print effects, although the example at the end looks like the original proof before it was edited. It's all very well taking these to the computer and applying texture there (it's a clever idea) but it is such a good experience to ink up the letters and print them by hand/in a press.

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