Friday, 6 May 2011

Printmaking at home

Beginning of the lino for my kingfisher. I painted it white first so I could see the pencil lines I cut out
One of the prints from the lino. I like the petite, rounded shape of the kingfisher, although I owe that to nature more than to my drawing skills!
Mockingbird monoprint. Debating over this or drypoint.
The perspex
Jackdaw monoprint. I really like this because I rolled the ink out thicker and it shows in the print, which is good because it is quite a dark coloured bird.
Monoprint of the kestrel. I might try this in drypoint as well.
The budgie is quite soft and fuzzy... I rubbed his tummy to get this effect although I think the ink may have been a bit thicker than I'd expected.
Carving out a heart into wood so I can print it onto my cards
All geared up!! Last time I carved into wood it hurt to breathe afterwards. Health & Safety (Y)
I soon realised that the wood I was cutting into was in fact 3 bits of wood binded together with nails! A bit dangerous and annoying... One bit is now hanging off and I haven't decided the fate of the other one yet as I got a blister from the friction of the tool. I won't give up there, though!! Time for Friday night instead. I intend on having all my final pieces printed using the 4 techniques displayed, rather than editing my prints on the computer and printing them out.


  1. I love the health and safety preparations! Is it difficult to carve into the wood? And did you just use a lino tool? I'm looking forward to seeing the results! =)

  2. It depends what kinda wood you use... I used ply which was awful and it fell apart!! I think something like pine is better, or oak but that's hard to cut... yeah I used the flat lino knife :)