Monday, 30 May 2011

The Processes

A quick woodcut I made for the American project. If I had more time, this would have perhaps looked better reversed with the text and image as relief instead of being cut into the wood.
4 wood cut symbols I made for the illustration with printmaking project. The symbols are to go on playing card designs so I made the 4 suits, 2 for printing in black and 2 for printing in red. I didn't use the best wood (pine) but I'm glad I chose to create these in wood so it added another print process that was not on the brief, but that I wanted to try. They could have been better, but I like the roughness of them. I didn't wish to edit my designs on Photoshop, so I welcomed any imperfections. Perfection ain't my business.
My lino prints I made for the illustration with printmaking projects. The lion was from an initial quick sketch I made while the other 2 are for my final prints. Looking at these now, I could have made more relief prints using this technique but I was happy with the results and made several prints for my development. I also did lots of monoprinting, mainly at home, which are in my sketchbook if not on my blog! I really enjoyed using the lino and it's something I want to continue doing over the summer and hopefully into next year as well.
Lino cuts I made for the American project. I made the words 'American Illustration' for the title of my magazine cover. I was looking forward to using lino to create text as I had come across a few artists in my research who use lino to make text and it looked really fun and effective.
A drypoint I made for Friday's module from a quick initial sketch. It is a shame the squirrel is missing his foot!! And also that he is grey. I will have to draw a red one next time! (Y)
Drypoint for my final print of a Mockingbird for the Joker card. I was pleased that I managed to get from a painting I made with matchsticks to plastic prints.
Drypoint of my Hummingbird for the Ace of hearts card. This was the first bird drypoint I made. I started to scratch the heart into this as well, then I realised I wanted to print the heart in woodcut so I had to trim the top bit of plastic off. This shows on the final print because of where the plastic was pressed, but I don't mind it looking a bit rough as I'm sure I have said already!

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