Friday, 11 March 2011

Because I rarely have a favourite (and because I LOVE IT)

I found 'The Bumper Book of Marmite' in WH Smith while I was looking for a cookery book (buy 1 get 1 half price!) and I found this. I looked through it for laughs at first but I found it to be so gorgeous and inspiring inside that I decided to buy it. It is playful and covers all areas of illustration, photography, typography, parody, fashion, recipes etc all done with a very generous amount of humour.

I love this type! It feels like handwriting - when I create something like this, I write it out and then add different weights where I think it's appropriate. This shade of pink also really satisfies me. It's crazy to think that I might like this less if there had been a different choice made in the design process.
This could be handy to use for my America project - taking a pre-existing concept and adapting it. This is a popular thing to do in graphic design. A lot of this book is based around adapting works of art, album covers etc.
I like this because it is just FUN! More things should be fun like this.
A very homely, chucked-together piece using notes and poetry and illustrations with tea-stained colourings and infatuated doodles.
The jars of Marmite become little people here. It is inventive and messes around with the idea of 'You either love it or you hate it'.
Again, love vs hate. A bit like with playing cards, the jars are strategically placed to show people both worshipping and outing it.
Changing the logo so it says what you want. It works because it used part of the word and the round, dark shape of the jar.
And finally, a ransom note. This book is so gorgeous. It's what I want my sketchbooks to look like!! Just fun, experimental with lots of ideas and processes.

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