Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Toy Library

Not Uni work, but over the last few months I've been making this poster on Photoshop for Colchester Toy Library. They are a small local charity that one of my mum's friends volunteers for and she mentioned they needed a poster and mum suggested I make them one.

I went down one Tuesday to have a look around and I got an idea of what they do. Their poster before hand was a rather old Word clip-art one, although admittedly the one I've made uses Photoshop shape tool!

They wanted it kept simple to keep print costs down. There were issues along the way with the ink being too bright so the text couldn't be seen. The 'Toy Library' text was originally white with the 'Colchester' text in black, but I made these both grey so it's obvious they're both together and so that they get seen at the same time. The logo is the toy library's. This along with the information were the requirements for the content. Hopefully if this goes up around village halls and in doctors surgeries, more people will know about them and use their service. So if there's anyone you know who might be interested, let them know!

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