Thursday, 24 March 2011

Homemade prints

I applied oil paints to a sheet of acetate and pressed paper over the back. Because of the oils, I could already get an impression of what had been transferred before I peeled back the paper.
I had to make a drying rack!! In my experience, oil paints take a long time to dry, although this is only a very thin layer. I used fridge magnets on the shelving brackets to make a little drying space.
Peeling back the paper, the colours aren't as strong as on the original acetate but this is how I imagined/wanted it to be. Close up, there are little lines where I applied the paint using a paintbrush or a piece of kitchen roll.
Two prints hanging up to dry.
Anthony Burrill's owl from Somerset House! 
Finally, a print I made last week. It's difficult to see the heart at the end of the beak.. But what I like most is the edge of where the ink is where it's been rolled on. It varies in shade and is nicely uneven.

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