Thursday, 17 March 2011


I won this on an eBay bid on Sunday night and I was impressed when it arrived on Tuesday afternoon! It doesn't explain how to use paper in different ways but it shows people who have pushed the medium of paper with a few folding and paper stock examples within. It is helping to provide me with ideas for materials and processes.

Paperwork: The Potential of Paper in Graphic Design, written by Nancy Williams, designed by Williams & Phoa
I like these off-set examples from the book. They are similar to some of the work being produced by the class for the children's book project.
More books..! I found these in the library on Wednesday - Illustration Now 3 and American Illustration. I have the Illustration Now desk calender so I recognise a lot of the illustrators in it already but it contains more of their work and a small bio about each illustrator. American Illustration has inspired me to want to change my approach for the project (yet again), even though some of the illustrations seem quite strange to me. A lot of it reminds me of the artwork in Beautiful Losers. It might be interesting to look at American art and illustration in a social context on buildings etc.
An end paper from American Illustration. It looks as if the work in the book was printed with the library stamp.

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