Thursday, 24 March 2011

Pick Me Up before you go go

Pick Me Up! I enjoyed the Anthony Burrill studio. It was colourful and full of inspiring quotes from his work.
There was an open, friendly atmosphere. I think Burrill's work brings people together because his work levels us all out as humans. It is funny and honest.
The Zine workshop was great fun! It felt rather child-like, but it was nice that an accomplished designer was letting people approach design this way and use his own work to make something fresh.
A few of my favourite images - I took so many that I'll be here all day if I upload them all.
American Illustration - a fun, colourful style I can use for my main project.
Type made out of chains that mostly interlinks apart from the awkward apostrophe.
I really like Nigel Peake's work!! It's welcoming and evolves a lot around nature.
I thought this was really sweet and intricate. Illustration can so many things - it can be loud, angry, crude... but every now and then something like this just really makes me smile.
Chester and I walked to the ICA only to find it was closed!! For future reference, it doesn't open on Mondays or Tuesdays.

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