Thursday, 3 March 2011

Saul Bass @ Kemistry

On the Thursday in half term I went to London and visited the Saul Bass poster exhibition at Kemistry gallery, off Old Street.

It is quite a small space but it was intimate and well filled. There was a selection of posters for different directors, genres and in different colours etc but there is no denying they all carry Bass's style.
Unfortunately I discovered a lot of these after handing in the film poster project..! This poster is really clever although it makes me wonder if I would be told to make it 'neater' if I was to hand in something similar. Of course my tutors would then relate it to Bass's work and put him down as in influence, but if Bass hadn't completed these posters then would it be a new style? No doubt somebody else would still have got there first. True originality is our biggest challenge in the 21st century.

The poster with the coloured film strips represents the 'windy city' of Chicago through the use of lines, implied leaves and the slant of the 'buildings'. The colours comment on the variety of people and nations involved with the film festival.

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