Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Coming to America

Initial ideas for the fast food approach. I used typical 'fast' food to make USA after seeing a similar style in Little White Lies magazine (I should be borrowing a copy later so I will include it on here) The colours that appear in fast food are usually yellow and brown with the odd splash of red and green for sauces. I could use this by using only these colours or by using all different colours and seeing what goes together and what makes the food look different.
Using a photograph by Craig Holden-Feinberg for reference, I drew the person with their mouth open with a collage pizza going towards their mouth. Is this how we are fed in our modern society? We lay back and let it come to us and ingest it without thinking twice. This could be said about information, too.
This is in response to 'Jamie's American Food Revolution'. When asked what certain foods were (fruits and vegetables) many primary school children from a town in West Virginia did not know their names. For example, they didn't know the names of potatoes or tomatoes, even though they happily ate chips with ketchup at most meals! It's not clear from this photograph, but I used wax crayons to imitate a child matching up foods to their origins.

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